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Unit 1 Lớp 9: Write

Unit 1: A visit from a pen pal

6. Write (Trang 11 SGK Tiếng Anh 9)

Imagine you are visitting your relatives or friends in another part of Viet Nam or in a different country. Write a letter to your family. Follow the outline. (Hãy tưởng tượng rằng bạn đang đi thăm người thân hay bạn bè ở một vùng khác của Việt Nam hoặc ở một quốc gia khác. Sau đó bạn hãy viết một bức thư gửi cho gia đình theo dàn ý sau:)

Hướng dẫn dịch:

Dàn ý Gợi ý:

Dear Dad and Mom,

I arrived in Da Lat late in the morning, about at twelve o’clock. When I came, the weather was fine and the day was beautiful. I enjoyed the cool and fresh mild air although it was nearly midday.

Uncle Tuan met me at the bus station and took me home on his motorcycle. I visited many beautiful places in Da Lat such as the Flower Garden, the Chinese Pagoda and the Love Valley.

Yesterday Uncle Tuan took me to the Prenn and Dambri Falls. The falls are very beautiful and impressive. I’ve never seen such beautiful and fascinating sights.

This morning, we went to visit the village of the tribe Lat. They live in small cottages. They were very friendly and they invited us to drink their traditional drink, “cần” alcohol.

For meals, we eat a lot of local nice vegetables and the tasty fruit of Da Lat, fresh strawberries.

The atmosphere here is very lovely and peaceful. I feel relaxed myself with the nature. I’m enjoying myself very much. I bought some fruits and some souvenirs. I also had some photos of places I visited to show you about my trip. I’m planning to go home next Thursday. Uncle and Aunt Huy asked me to give you their regards.

Stop for now. See you on Thursday.

Your son,

Nguyen Chien Thang

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Unit 7 Lớp 9 Write

A speech usually has three parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. (Một bài nói thường gồm ba phần: Phần giới thiệu, Thân bài và Kết luận.)

1. Unit 7 Lớp 9 Write Task a

Match each part of a speech in column A to a suitable function in column B. (Nối các phần của bài nói ở cột A với chức năng phù hợp ở cột B.)

Guide to answer

1 – B 2 – C 3 – A

2. Unit 7 Lớp 9 Write Task b

Put the following sections in the correct place to complete a speech. (Sắp xếp các phần vào đúng chỗ để hoàn thành bài nói.)

1. If you follow these simple rules, not only will you save money, but also the environment will be cleaner.

2. Most of us use too much gas. You can reduce this amount by:

traveling by bicycle or public transport

having a mechanic check your motorcycle regularly

3. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Professor Roberts and tonight I’m going to tell you how to save money.

Guide to answer

3 – 2 – 1

3. Unit 7 Lớp 9 Write Task c

Guide to answer

Good morning, everybody. I’m (Lien) and today, I am going to tell you how to reduce garbage.

Most of us produce too much garbage everyday. You can reduce this amount by:

– collecting plastic bags.

– not keeping solid waste with food waste.

– putting different kinds of waste in different places.

If you follow these simple rules, not only will you reduce garbage, but also keep the environment cleaner.

Good afternoon. I’m (Ba) and today I am going to tell you how to reuse paper.

Most of us produce too much paper. You can reuse paper by:

– having a separate wastebasket for waste paper.

– keeping sheets with single printed page for drafting

If you follow these simple rules, not only will you reuse paper, but also you will save money.

Saving energy in the kitchen:

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’m (Ba) and tonight, I am going to tell you how to save energy in the kitchen.

Most of us waste too much energy in the kitchen. You can save this amount by:

– turning off the lights.

– preparing food carefully before turning on the stove.

– keeping refrigerator door closed.

If you follow these simple rules, not only will you save energy, save money but also your appliances can work effectively.

Unit 6 Lớp 9 Write

Một lá thư than phiền có 5 phần

Tình huống: đưa ra lý do viết

Vấn đề: đề cập đến vấn đề

Giải pháp: đưa ra đề nghị

Hành động: nói về hành động tương lai

Sự lịch thiệp: kết thúc lá thư một cách lịch sự

1. Unit 6 Lớp 9 Write Task a

Mr. Nhat wrote a complaint letter to the director of L&P Company in Ho Chi Minh City. The five sections of the letter are not in the right order. Label each section with the appropriate: S, C, R, A or P. (Ông Nhật đã viết một lá thư than phiền tới giám đốc của công ty L&D ở thành phố Hồ Chí Minh. Năm phần của lá thư không đúng theo trật tự của nó. Gán nhãn các chữ cái S, C, R, A, hoặc P thích hợp vào đầu của mỗi phần.)

Guide to answer

Dear Sir/ Madam,

(R) I would suggest that your company should tell your drivers to clear up all the trash on the ground before leaving.

(S) I am writing to you about the short stop of your trucks around my house on their way to the north.

(A) I look forward to hearing from you and seeing good response from your company.

(C) When the trucks of your company have a short break on the streets around my house, the drivers left lots of garbage on the ground after their refreshment. When the trucks leave the place, the ground is covered with trash and a few minutes later there is smell and flies.

(P) Yours faithfully,

Tran Vu Nhat

2. Unit 6 Lớp 9 Write Task b

Now, write a letter to the head of the local authorities to complaint about the way pff catching fish in the lake behind your house. Following S C R A P format. Begin with: (Bây giờ, bạn hãy viết một lá thư gửi cho người đứng đầu chính quyền địa phương để than phiền về cách đánh bắt cá trong hồ sau nhà bạn. Bạn hãy theo mẫu S C R A P. Bắt đầu với:)

Guide to answer

Thursday, April 30, 2016

Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you about the problem of fish catching in the lake behind my house.

I would suggest that you should prohibit people from catching fish here. If not, I am afraid all of the fish in the lake are not going to exist in the near future.

I look forward to seeing your resolution to this important matter.

Yours sincerely,

Nguyen Chien Thang

Unit 1 Lớp 11 Writing

Write about a friend, real or imaginary, following these guidelines. (Viết về một người bạn, thực sự hay tưởng tượng, theo các chỉ dẫn sau.)

give your friend’s name, sex and home address, when and where you met him or her (giới thiệu tên, tuổi, giới tính và địa chỉ nhà của người bạn, em gặp bạn khi nào và ở đâu.)

describe his/her physical characteristics (height, hair, eyes, face, clothes,…) and his/her personalities (helpful, sincere….) (miêu tả hình dáng bên ngoài (chiều cao, tóc, mắt, mặt, quần áo, …) và tính cách của bạn ấy (hay giúp đỡ người khác, chân thành, …)

say what you like about him or her (điều em thích ở bạn ấy)

Guide to answer

Passage 1: Your best friend is a boyfriend

Among the friends that I have. Nam is my close friend. He is seventeen years old. Although we don’t live in the same district, we are now classmates. I met him when we first came to this high school. So we’ve known each other for more than a year. Nam is a good-looking boy. He’s tall with short straight hair and clear black eyes. He has got a square face and looks very energetic and studious. His clothes are not expensive but always clean and well-ironed. We have been friends just because we nearly have the same tastes and qualities. We are very helpful to each other when having difficulties. Moreover, there is completely mutual trust between us. We are always ready to tell each other our most intimate secrets. Another thing is that Nam has a sense of humour. He is known as a class joker. He usually makes our class laugh. He’s very polite to older people, generous and helpful to his friends. When time goes by, our friendship becomes deeper and deeper.

Passage 2: Your best friend is a girlfriend

My best friend’s name is “Sao Mai”, which means “Morning Star” in English. She is the same age with me, and we have known each other since we were in grade 5. If I were to describe how she looks, I would say she is very pretty. She is not very tall and quite slim. She has a round face with long black hair, big eyes and regular white teeth. That’s why many people say that her smile can brighten up even the cloudiest day.